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When coming to Nihao website for the first time, you may feel puzzled about how to buy prescription glasses quickly. Take it easy, it’s not complex as you imagine to place an order. Just follow below instructions!

1. Select Your Frames

Selecting frame is the first step to buy glasses online and is also the most time-consuming part of the whole process. If you already have a frame in mind, you can type it in the search bar and find the style you want. If you don't have a frame in mind, you can find your favorite style with the help of our product categories.

2. Input Prescription Information

After selecting your frames, you’ll need to confirm prescription types such as single vision, progressive or non-prescription, and then input prescription information. If you are not clear about how to read and fill in prescription, please refer to our instructions about prescription information for further understanding. How To Read Prescription

3. Select Lenses and Coatings

While the look of the glasses is important, quality and features of the lenses contribute most to your satisfaction with your eyewear. So you should pay special attention to lenses and coatings when ordering prescription glasses online.


The most important part of choosing your lenses is selecting the right ones for your visual needs. Depending personal needs, you may need single vision or progressive lenses as prescribed by your optometrist. Our summary about lenses may be helpful to your selection.


After determining right lenses, the next step is to choose coatings for your eyeglasses. We offer standard, anti-reflective and super hydrophobic protective coatings which bring the comfort of reduced glare and scratch resistance.

4. Complete payment

After input order information, please click Add To Cart and Checkout button, and finally place the order. If you encounter any questions during this process, place call us by +1-504-777-3896 or send us an email to

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