Nihao Story

Nihao, meaning “hello” in English, expresses sincere greeting when you are meeting someone for the first time.

Nihao owns an energetic team consisting of ambitious youngsters, aiming to provide customers with understated extravagant frames and top quality lenses. Here, you can enjoy best online shopping experience not only of product quality but customer support.

Our mission is to offer you a clear vision with fashion. Ready to say Nihao and have a try?

Fashion-Forward Design

We believe less is more. Frames on Nihao enjoy concise design but exquisite craftsmanship. They are quite suitable for people who are low-key and pursue high-quality. “Simple yet sophisticated” is quite an important principle for design.

The designer team that we take pride in consists of outstanding designers, each of who has their own design styles, which will fill uniqueness in each pair of glasses. We dare to say each pair shines their own light. The designers show their talent starting with the design drawing, and each detail is filled with their innovation and creation. The shapes, round or square, bridges, single or double, nose pads, fixed or adjustable, are revised and polished repeatedly. All are for fashion.

Premium Quality

Quality never goes out of style. Nihao adopts finest materials - from flexible and hypoallergenic acetate to ultra-lightweight and durable titanium which go through multiple strict quality inspections to assure durability and comfort. The opticians utilize latest technology to ensure your eyeglasses are manufactured according to the prescription given by your doctor exactly. The best combination of frames and lenses can better satisfy your vision and fashion needs from every aspect.

Incomparable Service

Our goal is to satisfy every customer with quality and service. Internally there is a strong customer service team equipped with excellent communication skills, professional eyeglasses knowledge and problem-solving abilities. They are sparing no efforts to handle kinds of customer issues before and during the purchasing and after the ordering.

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